I have had the pleasure of knowing Cristy Marks for 15 years.
She is a nurse practitioner who has worked in the field of aesthetices for approcimately the last 10 years. She is highly regarded for her skills in this field, even to the point of being flown by companies to teach and be a part of their weekend training courses on multiple occasions.
To be her patient gives you the benefit of these skills, done by her caringly.

She then takes her accomplishments in life, and gives back on multiple levels: Just a couple examples:

She was a part of our mission group to Costa Rica for two years, donating her time to assist in both the medical clinic as well as teaching the children in the Vacation Bible School in Spanish.
As a physician, I had the pleasure of working side by side with her.

Locally, she is actively involved in For the Girls International and is a graduate of their ‘Life Coaches’ program . FTGI is an organization that works with teenage girls to help them learn that they are uniquely special, and to help them to realize their God-given talents to become happy within themselves, and successful. Not only working with the girls, she has also taken a leadership role. She has been lecturing to different organizations within the community to help further advance this cause.

She gives her all to the things she pursues, and Cristy Marks Uniquely Beautiful should be one more endeavor of her helping others to find and be all that they can be.
— Teri Kintzer, ER Physician

Cristy is a really wonderful nurse practitioner. I have followed her for the last eight years! She takes marvelous care of me . She tells me when to do services and when not to and I really respect that. I would highly recommend her if you want to be taken care of by a wonderful spirit that really cares. This is the girl for you! Make your appointment with her at Purelife Medispa on Indian Rocks Road in Largo. You will not be disappointed.
— Michael Goble, Hair by Michael

I have had the honor of working with Cristy in the community where she empowers women to be the best version of themselves. She is very giving of her time to motivate and encourage women of all ages. In her aesthetic medicine practice, her clients are fortunate to have such a skilled practitioner that not only brings out their natural beauty but truly cares about them in heart and soul.
— Sabrena Amaro, Founder of Joyful Soul

I have known Cristy for nearly 30 years, first professionally, and now I’m lucky to call her one of my best friends. She is the consummate medical professional who exudes sincere compassion, endless patience, a quest for knowledge, and a passion for excellence in everything she does. And it doesn’t hurt that she is always smiling, with an ever present positive attitude! If only all of my caregivers were just like her.
— Candy Christensen Barker, Founder of Christensen-Barker Consulting

Cristy Marks is a star in the world of cosmetic aesthetics . She has a well trained eye for natural proportion and a light touch with application.
She is my go to girl for staying “uniquely beautiful”.
— Lisa Pattison, CABI Stylist

Being in the same room with Cristy makes a difference in one’s life alone! Her message and passion for transforming lives is contagious and she not only inspires others to make a difference, but participates fully herself! She is a true world changer. An amazing speaker, life coach and philanthropist, I highly recommend adding her to YOUR life story!
— Cynda Harris, Founder & Certified Life Coach at Grow Life, Inc, Co-Founder of For The Girls International (FTGI)

Outer and Inner Beauty have a strong relationship when outer beauty comes from within. Cristy Marks understands and indeed, personally represents them all. Confidence, humility, and respect radiate outward from Cristy. She has that “It Factor” that people talk about, and even better, Cristy sees it in each one of us before we see it in ourselves. Cristy wants to empower others to recognize their own inner and outer strength and beauty!
— Judy DiVincenzo-Alonzo, Founder of Still Sassy Sister