Cristy Marks

Cristy marks 


Embrace • Celebrate • Enhance 


Cristy Marks

"What makes us beautiful is not our sameness but the power of our uniqueness"


I am so happy and honored that you are here. 

My hope  is to provide a space that 

Embraces, Celebrates & Enhances 

The Unique Beauty that YOU are.

It all starts on the inside and radiates and pours out. 

Join me as I offer up education, motivation and a whole lot of love❤️


In gratitude always,




The vision of Uniquely Beautiful is to encourage women to discover their unique beauty, vibrance, and sparkle so they can step out into the world bold,confident,and fearless. Empower them to ultimately shine their light by being the best version of who God made them to be.



Giving back is a core value of Uniquely Beautiful. This year we have partnered with Theresa NeSmith's "Redeeming Beauty, Inspiring Women Photography Exhibit" to help raise funds and awareness for the Grow Into You Foundation - a nonprofit organization dedicated to the coaching and mentoring of teens in foster care. These teens often live in a residential facility and age out of the system with no one to turn to. Once on their own, they sometimes find themselves homeless, trafficked, incarcerated or even back in the system as a parent. "Coaching breaks things down to help you better understand yourself and see how you can do things differently. It goes beyond your situation and helps you look at life in general." - Sarah, teen in foster care. 



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